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The Resolute Difference

We are an accountable community organization

Most healthcare companies focus more on sick care than healthcare. Not Resolute Health. Our health and wellness approach promotes prevention and wellbeing first and foremost. Because if it isn’t broken, you don’t have to fix it—you just keep it operating in great shape.

We believe:

  • Being proactive and holistic about health helps prevent and minimize illness
  • Health and wellness systems should be much more than doctors and hospitals—they should also include retail health shops; workforce health initiatives; fitness, spa and wellness centers; healthy dining options; and open green spaces to encourage outdoor activity
  • Health and wellness can improve the health of our community over time, which could mean opportunities for better infrastructure and more jobs

Inception Story

We emerged out of insight and passion

Resolute Health is made up of individuals who know the ins and outs of the healthcare industry, having worked in the field or a related business for decades. What makes us different is that in addition to our healthcare backgrounds, we’re still individuals at heart. Some of us are helping to manage our parents’ health as they age. Some of us are taking care of our kids and spouses as the health decision-maker in our families. Some of us are aggressively maintaining our own health. And each of us knows what it’s like to struggle with health and healthcare at times.

What brought us together to create Resolute Health was the realization that we aren’t getting what we want and need from today’s healthcare model. We know healthcare could use some serious improvements in cost and consumer experience. We’re not out to change the world, just to change this community’s health, one person at a time.

Our Mission

To inspire and empower one another to engage in the pursuit of health and wellbeing for life.