We Care about Health Care Quality

Committed to Changing Lives for the Better

Resolute Health Hospital’s goal is to inspire and empower you and our community to engage in the pursuit of health and well-being for life. You can rest assured that at Resolute Health, quality programs and initiatives are a top priority to provide you with exceptional care.

Quality You Can Expect

When you visit Resolute Health, your care team will work with you to create a plan that's just for you — one that focuses on all your health care needs, not just your medical diagnosis. And because taking care of your health doesn’t end when you leave the hospital, we provide you with the tools you need to continue to take care of your health for the long-term and enjoy life to the fullest.

Satisfaction Scores

Resolute Health aims to uphold the highest standards when it comes to quality and safety. And our employees are committed to providing an exceptional experience for you and your family. We know that you have a choice when it comes to your health care provider, and we want you to feel good about your decision to entrust your care and the care of your family to us. Resolute Health is committed to transparent reporting of surveys ranking the quality of care we provide and patient satisfaction with the care you receive. Each quarter we update the most recent reports.

September Scores rank Resolute Health a 5-Star Hospital with an Inpatient Customer Satisfaction Score of 84 percent.*

Our doctors and nurses take the time and opportunity to listen and ensure we are exceeding your expectations.

Nursing Communication score: 85 percent

Doctor Communication score: 85 percent

*Scores are based on satisfaction surveys of actual patients and compared among 81 Tenet hospitals across the country. More information on patient satisfaction scores is available at HCAHPS, a national database created to provide a standardized survey instrument and data collection methodology for measuring patients' perspectives on hospital care.​

Resolute Health is committed to transparent reporting of surveys ranking the quality of care we provide.