Resolute Health at Your Business

Fit for Work: Employee Health and Wellness

As a business owner, you know that healthy employees are usually happy employees. Whether you own a small business with a few employees or a larger company with more than 500 employees, Resolute Health Hospital’s occupational health services can help you make your workers’ health a priority. At Resolute Health, we understand that the only way to positively affect change in health care costs for your company is to positively affect the health and well-being of your employees and reduce illness. Employees who are healthy are not only present and more productive, they’re happier and more engaged workers. And employees who are healthy keep your business’s overall health care costs down.

Occupational Health Services That Work for You

Resolute Health’s goal is the same as yours — to ensure your team members are healthy and fit to optimally perform their jobs functions. To help you achieve this goal, Resolute Health’s doctors and specialists offer a comprehensive array of services designed to keep your employees healthy and working. Your health care team will include specialists from a number of different specialty areas.

Comprehensive Occupational Health Programs and Services

  • Drug screening
  • Fit-to-work physicals
  • On-site immunizations
  • Post-injury treatment plans
  • Health risk assessments and biometric screenings to gauge the health level of your employees and develop plans to set them on the right track
  • On-site or near-site health clinics to minimize productive time lost from doctor visits
  • Executive health screenings to provide health screening, analysis and planning for your executives
  • On-site education to encourage healthy behaviors that can prevent illness and injury
  • Family Urgent Care to conveniently treat minor emergencies for employees and their families for minimal cost
  • Health coaching
  • Pharma consultation to inform team members about prescription drugs
  • Healthy break room makeovers to ensure your work environment promotes a healthy workforce

Make a Change

Are you ready to make a positive impact on the health of your employees and your business? Contact a Resolute Health Hospital representative today. Call (844) 815-1858.