Pricing for Patients

Adding Transparency to Health Care Services

At Resolute Health Hospital, we believe in being transparent about our health care programs and their cost to you. We want those in our community to be able to make an informed decision when making choices about their health care.

The Healthcare Bluebook allows you to search for a wide variety of procedures and services. You can compare prices for the health care services you want or need. The Healthcare Bluebook was created to help consumers find the best providers for health care services who are committed to both high-quality and cost-effective health care services.

Search, Compare, Save

Pricing for the same in-network procedure can vary by more than 500 percent. With Healthcare Bluebook, getting a fair price and saving money on out-of-pocket medical expenses has never been easier. You can shop for affordable care in your area quickly and easily, learning about the treatment options available to you and comparing costs of quality providers.

How the Healthcare Bluebook Works

When using the Healthcare Bluebook, you begin by selecting the health care service for which you’re looking. Then, by entering the area where you live, you can see the prices for this service at nearby health care facilities.

The search tool compares prices in your region and gives what is called a “fair price.” This is the price that is deemed fair and reasonable for the procedure you’re looking for in your area. This price can help inform your decision when choosing who will provide your health care service, and may give you some room for negotiation when setting up an appointment.

Important note: Prices are calculated from a nationwide database of medical payment data and customized to your location.

Try It Out

Visit Healthcare Bluebook to try out the Fair Price comparison tool and see industry-leading quality rankings today. See the difference transparency makes.