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The beautiful Resolute Baptist Hospital provides a full range of services including heart care, orthopedics, women's services, labor and delivery, minimally-invasive robotic surgery, emergency care for adults and children and a Level II NICU. Delivering great customer service, lowering costs and improving outcomes are three ways we are working to make your experience with us everything you want it to be. Resolute Baptist Health is conveniently located off of I-35 (exit 191) at the corner of FM 1101 and FM 306 in New Braunfels and brings a new standard of healthcare to the tri-county area.

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We understand that it can be confusing to estimate treatment costs before choosing care. A comprehensive list of the hospital’s shoppable services and standard charges for services are available for review.

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Resolute Baptist Hospital has Obstetrics classes and events that provide information and support through health tips, health fairs, screenings, webinars, and more. Browse our classes online and RSVP online to reserve your spot at our next class.

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Senior Care at Resolute

Jul 6, 2018

There’s a saying that goes: “Getting old, isn’t for sissies.” Seniors know. As we age, we’re likely to face a number of health care challenges, but with education, knowledge and access to expert medical care, the aches, pains and illnesses associated with aging can be overcome. Resolute Baptist Hospital helps seniors in our community by providing a wide range of services specifically designed for seniors, from diagnostic testing to treatment and recovery.

One of the most common problems seniors encounter is joint pain. Joint damage is caused by osteoarthritis, injuries, other diseases, and joint wear caused by the loss of bone due to low blood supply. Joint replacement is usually considered after exercise, walking aids, physical therapy or medications cannot relieve pain and improve mobility. Surgery for hip and knee replacement can help lessen problems walking or make it easier to bend. Most hip and knee replacement patients are discharged from the hospital one to three days after surgery. A majority of patients who undergo joint replacement surgery find it easier to perform daily activities and experience less pain throughout their lives. More than one million Americans have a hip or knee replaced annually. At Resolute Baptist Hospital, these patients take part in “Joint Class” with other joint replacement patients. Joint Class provides an instant support system and provides education that helps patients get back quickly to the daily activities they were missing before joint replacement.

Diagnosing problems early is the best way to overcome any health problem. Among the screenings seniors should consider are mammography to detect breast cancer, colonoscopy for identifying colorectal cancer and calcium scoring, EKGs and stress test for diagnosing heart problems. Resolute Health works closely with primary care physicians in New Braunfels to screen and diagnose diseases that can be cured with early detection and treatment.

In an emergency such as cardiac arrest or stroke, the community counts on the readiness of nearby hospitals to provide the best care available. Resolute Baptist Hospital provides 24/7 care for people suffering from a heart attack and has the only in-house neurologist in New Braunfels for the diagnosis and treatment of stroke. The hospital’s full-service emergency department consistently scores high for patient satisfaction.

New Braunfels is blessed to be home to many surgical specialists, which allow patients to stay close to home when undergoing surgery rather than having to travel to San Antonio or Austin for care. Resolute partners with these expert surgeons to provide a variety of surgical options including robotically-assisted surgery for gastrointestinal issues and laparoscopic or minimally-invasive surgery to correct a wide range of issues and illnesses. 75-year-old John Chapman had robotic surgery at Resolute for a hiatal hernia that was causing him extremely sharp stomach pains after eating. "My doctor told me that Resolute is the only hospital that offers robotic surgery in the New Braunfel's area," said Chapman. "He wanted to do the surgery robotically because it results in fewer complications, a shorter hospital stay, and faster recovery. And that was exactly the case for me. Everything went perfectly, and today I am pain free and back to being able to eat a regular diet."

Seniors have a choice when deciding where to go for care and can find out about a hospital’s safety and quality ratings by searching online. Resolute Baptist Hospital encourages consumers to research their options before deciding on where to go for care. Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade is one quick resource consumers can use to find their community’s safest hospitals. Resolute Baptist Hospital scores an “A” for safety in Leapfrog findings.

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