Resolute About Minimally-Invasive Surgery

May 14, 2018

New Braunfels, TX – A minimally-invasive surgical option is available for people in the New Braunfels area that can help patients recover faster and with less scarring and pain. Resolute Baptist Hospital is the only hospital in Comal County to offer robotic surgery as an option for patients.

“We brought robotic surgery to Resolute so that our surgeons have the tools they need to offer our patients less invasive surgeries for a wide variety of procedures,” said Mark Bernard, Resolute Baptist Hospital CEO.

Resolute, in partnership with specially-trained surgeons, offers the minimally-invasive robotic procedure for gallbladder removal, kidney sparing surgery for kidney cancer, female urologic and gynecologic surgeries such as hysterectomy, prolapse repair and pelvic floor reconstruction, colorectal surgery, hernia repair, and hiatal hernia repair for acid reflux.

Surgeon Gregory DeArmond, M.D. has performed more than 600 cases using the robot at Resolute to help patients diagnosed with gastrointestinal diseases from colon cancer to gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD. “Using the robot, patients only have three small incisions, rather than a large incision, and they typically have a faster recovery and less pain when surgery is performed using the robot,” said DeArmond. “These procedures can usually be performed with just an overnight stay in the hospital.”

Robotic surgery uses very small instruments attached to a robotic arm that is controlled by a highly trained and skilled surgeon. The robotic system provides visualization for the surgeon that allows them to operate with more dexterity and control in order to make small, precise movements inside a patient’s body. Robotic surgery has many potential advantages over traditional open surgery, which often includes a shorter hospital stay; less pain; decreased blood loss; small incisions for minimal scarring; a quicker return to daily activities and the potential for better surgical outcomes.

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