Wellness for 2

Pregnancy and Wellness Toolkit at Your Fingertips

Are you pregnant or trying to conceive? The Wellness For 2 app is a powerful tool that helps you stay informed, get prepared for childbirth and stay on track through every stage of your pregnancy and delivery. With health tips and tracking tools, The Wellness For 2 app is an invaluable resource in helping you and your baby have a healthy and happy experience. And the best part? The app is completely free and available on your iPhone or iPad! You can easily visit the app store to download the app.

Here’s what you get when you download the Wellness for 2 app:

  • Detailed information about each week of your pregnancy, including changes happening to your body
  • Tips on staying healthy, addressing pregnancy symptoms and what to expect during doctor’s visits
  • Ability to track your exercise, symptoms, weight, waist measurements, meals and water intake, as well as record your baby’s kicks and even time your contractions
  • Add appointments and reminders to the Wellness for 2 calendar, which syncs to your device’s iCalendar
  • Packing checklist for the hospital
  • Valuable tips on bathing your baby