Come See All We Have to Offer at The Nest

Are you planning on growing your family at Resolute Baptist Hospital’s The Nest? Join us for a tour through the private room where you’ll give birth and walk through the beautiful maternity department where you and your baby will be cared for.

If you’re curious about exploring The Nest and learning more about the wonderful maternity and childbirth classes offered at The Nest, you’ve come to the right place. The Nest is proud to offer regular tours for you and a guest so you can see for yourself all of the wonderful amenities available to you when you choose to experience childbirth at our hospital. You’ll also find a variety of maternity services, classes and workshops to help you prepare for baby.

Touring The Nest: What to Expect

  • A tour of The Nest’s labor and delivery rooms, private postpartum rooms and NICU
  • Complimentary snacks for you and your guest
  • Meet and greet with The Nest staff members
  • Opportunity to meet and connect with other expectant parents
  • Detailed information about labor and delivery at The Nest, breastfeeding support, Mommy 365 Photography, wellness and aquatic programs and much more

Childbirth Classes at The Nest

The more prepared you are for the birth of your baby, the more confident and comfortable you’ll be before, during and after labor. That’s why The Nest offers childbirth classes to help you and your family prepare for the arrival of your new baby. You are encouraged to register for classes by your fourth month of pregnancy to receive your choice of dates and times. It’s our goal to create an exceptional new beginning for you as you welcome your bundle of joy into the world. Join us for a childbirth class and get ready for baby. See our Obstetrics Classes and Events page.

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